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Osaka City University Graduate School of MedicineProfessor Yoshiaki Itoh

History of the Department of Neurology

In early 1993, it was first decided to start the Department of Geriatric Medicine at Osaka City University. At that time, no department was specialized in treating neurological diseases despite increasing demand due to the aging population in the Osaka area. To meet these medical needs, the Department of Geriatric Neurology was formally established in April 1993 with the main clinical specialties of osteoporosis and dementia.

In 2000, the Department became a department of Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine as a result of reformation of the graduate school system. In 2007, Professor Miki took office as the first chair of the department. He started clinical research on dementia and also made great achievements in the field of bone diseases. He became an emeritus professor.

In April 2014, Professor Itoh succeeded the department as chair. The part of the department specialized in bone diseases was closed at that time. In April 2015, the department was formally renamed as the Department of Neurology, which is the official name now.

Fields of focus for our department

We treat patients with a wide range of neurological diseases while focusing on cerebrovascular diseases and dementia.

Cerebrovascular diseases are the fourth leading cause of death in Japan now and immediate and appropriate treatment can dramatically improve the outcome. Prevention of attacks can also be achieved by specific treatments. Together with dementia, stroke accounts for about half of the diseases that cause patients to require support for daily living.

Dementia is the leading cause of disability in the aging society of Japan. Proper diagnosis in the early phase is essential. We are developing cutting-edge technology to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease in the preclinical phase. Some novel treatments targeting accumulated abnormal proteins are promising and may be in clinical use before long.

We are widely accepting stroke patients at our emergency rooms and dementia patients at our outpatient clinics.

Mission of our department

We provide necessary medical care for neurological diseases to the citizens of Osaka and neighboring areas. We also focus on the education and development of young neurologists with an international perspective. Clinical and basic research is the third main pillar of our department and covers the fields of dementia, stroke, degenerative diseases, neuro-muscular diseases and inflammatory diseases.


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