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 Osaka City University has Graduate School and Department for both of Medicine and Nursing, as well as other related organizations. We have established full-fledged educational system to offer high quality medical science, care and nursing education with advanced facility.
Graduate School
Graduate School of Medicine
PhotoGraduate School of Medicine consists of 2-year master's course in medical science and 4-year doctoral courses in basic medical science and clinical medical science. All the courses strive to develop the students to be either the medical practitioners with advanced and integrated expertise, or the ingenious medical researchers.
Graduate School of Nursing
PhotoGraduate School of Nursing is 2-year master's course in life nursing field and clinical nursing field. Under the spirit of passing down the light of secular love School nurtures the quality nursing practitioners, educators and researchers.
Undergraduate courses
Medical School
PhotoIn Department of Medicine, students can learn professional and advanced knowledge under the quality instructors. And they can accumulate the cutting-edge and working medical skills by using the latest equipment in university hospital first-hand.
School of Nursing
PhotoWe offer the quality facility and education to develop the students to become the nurses and health nurses with clinical professionalism, sense of humanity and deep understanding in the dignity of life.
Related Organizations
University hospital
PhotoUniversity hospital is the medical hub of big city Osaka, with 31 medical fields and more than 900 beds. That it has many advanced achievements in researches and highly sophisticated medical technology is very much appreciated at home and aboard.
Toneyama Institute of TB research
PhotoToneyama Institute of TB research was the nation's first public sanatorium, established in 1917, has been the base of basic study and medical care of TB. It focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of intractable anti fast bacterial disease and the elucidation of infection prevention mechanism.
Medical Library
PhotoMedical Library is the big clearinghouse with huge amount of books, literature database, Internet terminals, multimedia data terminals, as well as study rooms. It is open to the people in Osaka.
Medical Science Information Center
PhotoMedical Science Information Center is providing the latest information and technology on medicine and medical care actively to the medical professionals and researchers in and out of the university. The center also holds the lectures and seminars on medicine and medical care open to the public to educate them.
Medical Staff Education Center
PhotoIn Medical Staff Education Center, wide variety of training courses on the latest knowledge and technology are provided for doctors, nurses and many other medical professionals.
Campus LAN Support Desk
PhotoCampus LAN Support Desk manage and maintain the information process system and network in Abeno Campus as well as serves as the helpdesk to support the education.
Skill Simulation Center
PhotoIn Skill Simulation Center, various practical training is offered using the human model and base materials. It opened as a program under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
Administration Division
PhotoAdministration Division consists of the general affairs,  educational affairs, operation planning, business development, medical operation, and so forth. It is to support the operation of Medical School and University Hospital.
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