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Principles and Goals
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  • Students will be;
    Advanced medical practitioners who feel the pain and difficulties of others with the warmth of heart, under the basic philosophy of the wisdom(CHI), compassion(JIN), and bravery(YU).
    Leading world-class researchers who achieve the cutting edge and creative medical research.
Goals of our Education
  • Students in the undergraduate degree can expect to become doctors, health nurses or nurses, who;
    Accept anyone equally, fairly and warmly.
    Learn and practice the latest basic medicine and the clinical medicine in a well-balanced way.
    Judge and solve issues based on the scientific thought.
    Have high mind as a contributor to the humanity with the international point of view.
    Meet the health and medical needs of the citizens.
  • Students after the Masters' degree can expect to become;
    Medical professionals, researchers or the corporate contributors, who have advanced medical knowledge and skills through the cutting edge lectures and clinical courses we offer.
  • After completing the Doctoral Degree, you can expect to become a leading researcher who advances the latest study further with a lot of ingenuity, or leading instructors who leads the basic and/or clinical studies in the various institutions.