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Basic Medical Sciences

Clinical Medical Sciences

Organ pathology and Internal medicine 

Diagnosis of pathologic conditions/ Medical management of biofunctions 

Organ and Pathological Internal Medicine 

Surgical Medicine 

Sensory and motor systems 

Medical control 

Acdemic Departments

Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health
Under construction(都市環境医学)
Exercise environmental physiology
Toneyama Institute for Tuberculosis Research
Immunology and Genomics(ゲノム免疫学)
Under construction(生体機能解析学)
Under construction(遺伝子制御学)
Vascular Medicine
Molecular Oncology and Therapeutics
Under construction(分子制御学)
Radiation Oncology
Under construction(診断病理・病理病態学)
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Women’s Life Care Medicine
Pathophysiology of Gynecologic Oncology
Department of Medical Genetics
Under construction(上気道機能病態学)
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Medical Quality and Safety Science
Medical Informatics