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Orthopedic Surgery


Name Orthopedic Surgery
Chairman 顔写真

Hiroaki Nakamura
Contact Phone:+81-6-6645-3851
Website http://www.med.osaka-cu.ac.jp/orthoped/ link

Our department has nearly 70 years of history since 1948 with Professor Mizuno, and we have more than 580 orthopedic surgeons in our alumni association. In April 2009, we started a new chapter beside our leader Professor Nakamura.

Orthopedic surgery covers diseases related to motor organs (i.e. bone, cartilage, ligament, muscle and nerve) from the neck to the foot. We provide high-level specialized medical care covering all fields of orthopedics including joint surgery (hip, knee, shoulder and elbow), spine surgery, tumor surgery, hand surgery, rheumatism, sports medicine, pediatric surgery, trauma surgery, and rehabilitation. Our missions are to provide comprehensive clinical care for patients with evidence-based methods and procedures, and to provide professional education for young physicians.

We conduct world-class basic research in various fields: peripheral nerve regeneration using induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, bone regeneration and cartilage regeneration using bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) or bone marrow stem cells and development of materials for artificial bone in collaboration with the Department of Technology.

We have special training programs for post-graduate students and clinical fellowship trainees, and they have opportunities to learn about advanced high-level orthopedic care and treatment for board-certified specialists in orthopedic surgery. We especially encourage English education and exchange with international medical students and physicians to keep globalization in mind, as the weekly conferences are conducted in English.

Going forward, we will continue to put even more effort into excellent patient care, professional education, and basic research and clinical practice, creating an attractive environment in which young orthopedic surgeons can play an active part.


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