Department of Legal Medicine, Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine

Efforts toward forensic autopsy and appraisals

Legal medicine is actual forensic autopsies. While aiming to perform forensic practices to improve the accuracy of injury examination and pathological analysis with the evaluation based on data and evidence, we performed post-mortem image examination, biochemical examination of blood, and molecular-biological examination for all cases during autopsies.

Post-mortem image examinations have garnered social attention in recent years, and similar to clinical examination, we routinely perform full-body CT scans and similar examinations as an auxiliary diagnosis to support comprehensive evaluation based on autopsies. Results of these tests are immediately reflected in diagnosis, and in order to respond to the social demand, we have contributed to jury trials by submitting certificates for all autopsy cases.

In the future, by using these experiences, Osaka City University would like to rapidly and consistently promote measures for the victims of crimes through forensic appraisal, the establishment of advanced examination methods and application thereof for pathological analysis of cause of death in accordance with international standards, national and international dissemination of techniques and data for examination/diagnosis of the cause of death, cooperation with other academic institutions and facilities, and transmission of social information, in order to respond to social demands.