Department of Legal Medicine, Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine

Undergraduate Program

Presently, while the role of universities in the educational field is fundamentally changing, with ‘the ability to organise, respond and transmit’ at the core, the program aims to ‘educate students to become aware of the importance of true learning’.

Specifically, the ability to organise is regarding practical forensic knowledge necessary to independently identify and present problems to support clinicians' problem solving while recognising forensic issues during the diagnosis of case studies.

The ability to respond relates to pathological and differential diagnosis and cutting edge treatments, and the ability to transmit refers to holding evidence-based discussions according to international standards as globalisation in medical education progresses.

Our program aims to provide an educational system in which students learn these abilities from junior to senior years through repetition and development.

In order to further develop the knowledge learned in a large lecture, we present small topic-specific lectures, and offer CPC case studies in clinical settings using dynamic presentations such as presenting actual cases as examples.