Purpose of Establishment and Details of Activities

Medico-legal Consultation and Postmortem Investigation Support Center This support center was established to promote the progression, improvement, and dissemination of knowledge and technology in forensic medicine and science while contributing to society by engaging in medico-legal consultation and postmortem investigation. In addition, the center also supports academic research and human resource cultivation in related fields. In an effort to achieve our ultimate goal of contributing to the protection of basic human rights, safety, and public welfare of the people of Japan while maintaining and increasing public benefit, the center will engage in the following activities:

  1. Activities supporting judicial autopsy and medico-legal investigation and diagnosis
  2. Activities supporting medico-legal consultations other than the abovementioned one (including compensation medicine diagnosis)
  3. Activities supporting postmortem investigation
  4. Activities supporting investigative research and the provision of information regarding forensic medicine and science
  5. Activities supporting training, occupational development and improvement, and the enhancement of employment opportunities related to forensic medicine and science
  6. Increasing awareness as well as the public relation-based activities for support related to forensic medicine and science
  7. Collaborative activities and activities to increase contacts with internally and externally related academic organizations
  8. Activities accompanying or related to the abovementioned ones


Abeno-ku Asahi-machi 1-4-3
545-8585 Osaka City, Japan
TEL:06-6645-3865 / +81-6-6645-3765(International)
FAX:06-6634-3871 / +81-6-6634-3871(International)