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Report:Thomas Jefferson(トーマスジェファーソン大学)


Kotaro Fujii
Osaka City University
Elective period

1. What I saw in this stay

- Emergency Medicine
In the first day, I visited there. So I felt very nervous. I was surprised that pharmacists worked in the same place. I think that was good because it was very easy to consult each other. In Japan, I did not see pharmacists at the inpatient department. I saw patients with sickle cell disease and knew that was common in the U.S. So there is a sickle cell clinic. I think this is a good experience to know the disease witch I cannot see in Japan. However, I felt that almost all patients were mild symptom. If I could, I would like to stay in the ER at night.
-Internal Medicine Inpatient Rounds
I was surprised when I saw patient’s rooms, because most of them are one person each. In the rounds, medical students discussed about patients with doctors. I felt that the medical students were more active than in Japan.
-Outpatient Family Medicine
I followed the 4th grade medical students. They took history, did physical examination, made their plan and then did presentation to the attending physician. That was a good training for students. I saw the student as if she was a resident.
-Outpatient Pediatrics
I followed attending physician. I saw history taking with healthy babies who they would take preventive vaccinations. I think the physician took a lot of time for patients.
-University Clinical Skills and Simulation Center
That was very huge. I was surprised that they had the computers which we could simulate the cholecystectomy. The lecture of Dr. Majden was very helpful for my study.
JeffHOPE is an association which was developed by students. Their activity is to go to shelters and to care homeless. I think that it is good both homeless and students. Homeless can be treated, and students can learn what medical care is. I was very impressed, because students could prescribe medicine at that place if attending doctor checked.

2. My Impressions

This experience is my treasure. I strongly recommend this program be continued. If I could, I would like to practice taking history. I really thank Dr. Sato, Dr. Gonnella, Dr. Ishimura, Ms. Radi, Ms. Sato and for all persons who took part in this program.