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Report:Thomas Jefferson(トーマスジェファーソン大学)

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Study Report

Satomi Nishimoto
Osaka City University
Elective period
I found some differences through this program.

At the internal medicine inpatient rounds, I was surprised that every team consisted of physicians, medical students, nurses, a pharmacist and other medical staffs. At the bedside, not only attending doctors and residents, every member said own opinion and an attending doctor provided enough time to talk with their patient and to educate students. They make rounds every day. It is useful to make rounds with medical staffs because all members of the team can get specialist advice easily.

In Jeff HOPE, I saw many students who worked aggressively. They didn’t shy from new one and always said “I’ll try.” For example, first year student tried to interview the patient and measure blood pressure. I was really impressed by those attitudes. In addition, senior students interviewed and examined the patient very adequately. Furthermore students began this program and it is administered by donation which students collected. In Japan, there are few programs like Jeff HOPE, and it is very difficult to manage it. However, these programs are valuable to both patients and students. I belong to the volunteer club which is performed at children’s department in the hospital. I am proud of our act, but I also thought I could do even more as a volunteer after I was involved in Jeff HOPE.

I was excited when I went to Clinical Skills Simulation Center. It was a big building and there were a lot of simulators and instruments. Students can practice many kinds of procedure at any time all they want. It also had simulators for surgical procedure such as a bronchoscope and an endoscope. I thought that American students could take a procedure confidently because they practice that procedure enough. Osaka City University also has a simulation center, so we should take full advantage of it to improve our skills and develop confidence.

I am really satisfied with the content of the program. However, if I am allowed to make suggestions to the program, I would like to get opportunities to interview a standardized patient and shadow surgeons. I could get great experiences from physicians, so I also wanted to see how surgeons perform in an operating room and then find differences from Japan.

Finally, I greatly appreciate all people who I met in this program. I am very pleased with taking part in this program because it is a great opportunity to understand American medical system and to think what I should do from now.