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Report:Chonnam National University(全南大学)

Here comes the sun.

Hyojae, lee
Jeonnam national university
Elective period
Hi! My name is Hyojae, Lee, as you all know. I'm from Gwang-ju, Korea, and I'm here to visit Osaka city university hospital spending my very last vacation. I'm pretty sure that living as a medical school student is quite tough. We can't just spend time doing nothing. I remind myself that there are many intelligent students all over the world who are eager to learn and experience everything which is needed for their future.

Let me tell you something that I felt in here. I've been writing notes since I got here.
First, I was very touched by the system of bed-side-learning. Every system is well organized and progressing as scheduled. Every professor has their own lecture time and does not hesitate to spend their time on teaching young students. In my hospital, we have the same system and schedule for students, but sometimes it's not working as it should be, because of the busy schedule.

Second, patients' attitude is different from here and Korea. I was really surprised that almost all patients here respected doctors and professors truly and tried to overcome their diseases 'together'. I can't help but admire Japanese doctors' status in society and I'm sure that their hard works deserve this and pay off properly.

After 3 weeks of learning here, I'll go back to Korea and start my 6th grade immediately. It's sad that I don't have enough time to take rest during the vacation, but everything I learned here is worth it. I'm still growing and have lots of things to learn yet. I will do my best to become a specialist who makes an effort to help patients and society. Let me and the Beatles say this, 'here comes the sun!!'