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Report:Chonnam National University(全南大学)

3 weeks of practices in Osaka city university hospital

Jiyun Jeong
Chonnam national university medical school
Elective period
Hello, I am Jiyun Jeong in fifth year of Chonnam national university medical school. In January 2013, I had 3 weeks of invaluable experiences through training program at Osaka city university hospital.

I'd appreciate giving me the chance to experience, before I start. I thought the experiences for 3 weeks in Osaka were great and unforgettable. Although it was a short period of time, the experiences will have a great effect on my future career.

Everything in Osaka city university hospital - such as practice as a part of an internship program, a new environment, the meeting of new people was valuable enough to motivate me to think about my career. Although Japan is adjacent to Korea, there were differences as well as similarities. It was informative for me to compare those differences.

First of all, I found out that they tried to supply patient-oriented diagnosis service all the time. It was so impressive for all doctors only to focus on each patient, to listen to their opinions, to explaining their symptoms kindly.

Second, I felt that they had passion for educating undergraduates. In reality, when they are busy, it is a fact that they don't have much time to take care of their students, but thanks to their efficient and effective education system, there were no problems with training undergraduates. Considering all these things, I thought their education system was well organized and all doctors were kind and considerate enough to answer my all questions.

I practiced in the department of nephrology, and they explained a lot to me while seeing their patents and gave me an hour of lecture every day on nephrology such as dialysis and kidney pathology which was really helpful. They also allowed me to experience the clinical environment as much as possible. Especially, I thought that it was valuable experience for me to visit the specialized hospital for dialysis and set up the dialysis equipment by myself which made me more interested in nephrology.

Through all these experiences, I had a great chance to meet many Japanese friends and teacher and I think this is fortunate to me. I learned a lot from them and it was so motivating to me. I really want to keep in touch with them. And I'll always strive to study not to waste my valuable experiences in Japan.

Last but not least, I hope the internship between Chonnam national university and Osaka city university will be more activated. Thank you.