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Report:Chonnam National University(全南大学)

3weeks in Osaka city hospital.

Youngin Lee
Jeonnam national university
Elective period
Before starting my story, I would like to said that it was a really good time in Osaka. It could be a life-changing experience for me. I was just interested in brain, but i could not get what should I do for it. During the 3weeks, however, I could get some light of the way for my study about brain.

First of all, all of the new environment excited me. New hospital, school and people gave me a fresh stimulation. A lot of things were similar, but nothing was same. Some of them need to be adopted to us. I could realize that there would be a more wide world. I should visit more countries to see what I did not know. By experiencing and adopting different things, we can evolve into a better human. It is not good to be a flog in the well, especially for medical people.

Second, I felt that neurosurgery department is a quite fitting clothes to me. I'm interested in brain, especially brain function. I think brain tumor has a big relation to brain functions. When I see the location of the tumor, I can see that as a symptom. Consequently, I can get which function is related with the location. Moreover, it was my great luck to meet Dr. Ohata who is a world-wide authority in neurosurgery. I could learn a lot of things about neurosurgery and prospect of medical society from him. He is a mentor of me.

As a last, I am really happy to meet my new international friend who can be a life-long companion. They are really warm-hearted and respectable friends. I could learn a lot of things from them, too. We could be a doctors in worldwide and someday we will be a mainstream of medical study. So, it could be a very precious relation. I am looking forward to meet these friends again.

I am very lucky to get a chance like this. I think more students should get a chance. It is not for just one selected student. One student can communicate with 100 people in where they visited. Some of them could get some sparks or inspirations that I got. In other words, inviting international student is as important as visiting. We should invite more students as I was invited by Osaka city hospital. Thank you for inviting me. Thank you.