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Sho Fujiwara
Osaka City University
Elective period

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The reason why I took part in this practical training in Germany is that I think this is the good chance that I can feel the difference between Japanese medical education, medicine and hospital and these in germany Also I think this is the chance which makes me improve my skills as an independent learner.
In this practical training, everyday I observe the operation and attend morning and afternoon conference.
I think Germany medical level is not so different from Japan .But situation is totally different from Japan.I found five differences through this program.
Firstly Germany accept various country's patient like medical tourism. So I found Arab,Slav and many foreigner in the hospital.
Secondly Germany also accept various country's doctors, not only EU doctors but also Asian country like Indonesia.
Thirdly in Germany doctors don't have to be residents. After graduating from medical school they can choose a speciality like neurosurgery.
Fourthly surprisingly many doctors can speak a lots of languages not only English but also French, Italian and so on.
Finally there are many women doctors in Germany.they said 60 percent of medical school students are women.
From May 27th to June 14th I attended practical training in Klinikum Bogenhausen and from June 17th to July 5th I attended practical training in Klinikum Schwabing which have children's wards . Unfortunately, I couldn't meet students because Klinikum Bogenhausen and klinikum Schwabing are not university hospital. Both of them are academic teaching hospitals. In klinikum Bogenhausen it was very hard for me to do practical training because anyone don't help me and if I want to do something, I always have to ask someone .It was very hard for me because I am shy of strangers.
But this experience made me stronger than what I was.
After a while,when I want to do something , I can express what I want to do.
In Klinikum Schwabing doctors always help me even though they are busy,so I could enjoy practical training in Klinikum Schwabing.
In this study, I had a lot of opportunity to talk to doctors and patients and observe routine checks on patients from which we are able to watch how a general practiceis run. I could learn Germany medical system and experience the difference between Japanese culture and Germany culture.When this practical training started, I regretted it .But now I appreciate everything.Of course sometimes I feel nervous and alone. But everything stimulates me to be a good doctor.
Lastly I appreciate all the people I concerned. Thank you