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Exchange Report

Toshifumi Hasegawa
Osaka City University

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My experience of studying in Taiwan was really exciting.

There are two reasons why I recommend my juniors to study abroad strongly.

The first reason is that I think it is the best way to train our ability to communicate in English. Of courses, in foreign country, English is the only way to communicate with others. It will be really big motivation to try to speak so many things in English. I think when we want to communicate with others in English, we need not ability to speak in English but just what we want to say. And they also use English to study medical knowledge, to write charts (progress note or admission note), and to have presentation (they have morning meeting every morning). Not only speaking in English but also writing in English is important I think (for just like writing papers). So their attitude to have more occasions to write in English is also important for us.

The second reason is that communicating with people in different situation makes us change. For example, the students of National Taiwan University(NTU) are really smart and sincere to learning naturally. I think that we need some shocks to change our lives or way of thinking. In this case, the shock was their personality. Our common knowledge means nothing in other country, so it is easy to receive new good knowledge or ways to think. We can be honest in other country.

I think these are same feeling with other students who studied abroad. So from now, I want to tell you good points of National Taiwan University Hospital(NTUH) or Taiwan. NTUH is one of the biggest hospital in Taiwan. And NTU is the best university in Taiwan (just like Tokyo University in Japan). The number of hospital beds is about 2,300. And the number of operation room is over 40(main hospital). There is not only main hospital, but also children’s hospital near the main hospital. Because I rotated in pediatrics, I was only in children’s hospital. So I want to introduce children’s hospital. The children’s hospital is 21 storied, and there are so many beds(I forgot asking the number...sorry) and operation rooms(over10?). Because it is only for children or pregnant women, the interior decoration is surprisingly cute and exciting! In the hospital, there are not only medical equipment but also many places to play for children. Because pediatrics of NTUH is famous for cardiology, there were many interesting cases. For example, there was a 8 y/o boy status post heart transplantation for DCM. And there were many patients who uses ECMO. Many patients were admitted for catheter treatment of ASD. Reading their charts or seeing them made me so exciting!

Another good point is that every doctors in NTUH are really enthusiastic in teaching their juniors. I think it’s so important for students or young doctors. And Taiwan is so good place to live. Foods are so delicious, prices are really low, people are surprisingly kind!

I want to say my juniors “Why don’t you study abroad during you are student?”. If they are afraid of lack of their ability of English, it won’t be problem. Every students in OCUM have enough ability to study abroad. And I want to say my juniors “Just have courage, and you can have experiences you’ve never had”.

And I really appreciate you professor Ohata, because your talk let me decide studying abroad. I’ll never forget this experience. Thank you.