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My exchange program

Aya Kimura
Osaka City University
I will tell you my exchange program according to my daily schedule.
6:30 wake up
The dormitory was so close to the hospital.
7:20 morning meeting starts
All the resident doctors, some attending doctors, PGY (past graduation year) doctors and internship students must join this morning meeting. One resident doctor performs presentation about one topic and they se some papers in their presentation. The contents were so practical and very interesting. After the 30-minutes presentation, some attending doctors suggested some idea about the topic and good points of their presentation or sometimes they insisted that young resident doctor should improve.
I was surprised that the all of the presentations were made in English and some doctors performed in English. They have already known English medical term because they used English textbook in classes. Beside some can speak English fluently. So this morning meeting was so interesting to me.
I was planned to do presentation about Japan. It took a lot of time to make 30-minutes presentation in English. And I wanted to make it interesting. I felt a little nervous about my presentation but after morning meeting, many doctors gave me a good reputation. This experience was really precious.
8:00 start working
1st patients come to operation rooms around 8:00.
The operation rooms are set up by anesthesia nurses. This point is the biggest different point from Japan. Taiwanese hospitals have anesthesia nurses ;they check the monitors and infuse some anesthesia drugs during operation. The anesthesia doctors have responsibility of 3or4 operation rooms and they do induction, intubate and extubate. Doctors walk around operation rooms so that they can rush into any operation rooms if emergency happens. This system makes the large number of operations. In fact there are about 50 operation rooms.
I was usually in the operation rooms and waiting the chances to intubate or do some procedures. All doctors were willing to give me many chances. When there was some free time, they taught me how to perform procedures and check the monitors. The way of their teaching made me feel like studying more and more. They inspired me to learn not only anesthesia but also all field of medicine (needless to say English).
Around 4:00 finish operation
Most operations finish around 4:00.

I am really happy to have such a special experience. In this period I have learned not only medicine but also the nature of being a ‘doctor’. In National Taiwan University Hospital everything was exciting, interesting, and fruitful to me.
This exchange program opened my eyes to the world. I want to study abroad in the future. Without it, I could not consider of studying abroad.
I hope the globalization program of Osaka City University will last forever.