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Clinical Clerkship in Chonnam National University

Saya Koh
Osaka City University
Elective period

Photo album
I went to Gwangju, cheerful and heartwarming city in Korea, for the first time. There is a large and vigorous market with many people from early morning to night near by my dormitory. I always passed through the market, got power, and went to Chonnam National University hospital. There, I participated in clinical clerkship for five weeks. I studied in neurology, nephrology, and neurosurgery. I enjoyed each department and had great experience.

In neurology department, I had many lectures and I went to rounds with doctors. I actually saw a lot of patients who have hemiparesis, facial palsy, aphasia, or dysarthria because of strokes. I also saw patients with serious myasthenia gravis, or with parkinsonim. There are a lot of patients in Chonnam National University hospital, so we can learn symptoms practically. It’s very informative to study neurological diseases. In nephrology department, I observed many maneuvers such as kidney biopsy, and I also performed ultrasonography by myself for a patient. What’s more, I participated in an animal experiment. Chonnam National University hospital is very active in researches and complete with facilities for researches in every department. It's one of my surprising things in this clinical clerkship.

On my last three weeks, I was in neurosurgery department. I always participated in the morning conference, went rounds, and observed gamma-knife treatments or operations. In the gamma-knife treatments, I actually saw the all procedure, so I understood the gamma-knife treatments very well. Then, I observed a lot of operations. I was surprised that there were operations for everyday in neurosurgery department. I learned the approach and the anatomy during operations. I observed not only craniotomy surgeries, but also transsphenoidal surgeries. I understood the difficulty of operations for craniopharingioma or pituitary macroadenoma. Besides, I observed the procedure for ventriculo-peritonial shunt, and biopsy, too. I mean that my practice in neurosurgery was very substantial. Everyone in neurosurgery department taught me much knowledge actively and kindly. I joined them like a one of members in neurosurgery department. It was precious and exciting time for me.

All of experience in this clinical clerkship in Chonnam National University will definitely have effect on my life. I’m thankful for all people I met in Korea and who support this international exchange program. I think it’ s fabulous that people in Korea and Japan, and of course all over the world can communicate with in English. I will study English to express my opinion better. Moreover, I will do my best to be a good doctor based on the experience, and I will visit Gwangju again. Thank you.