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My 5-week clerkship in Gwangju

Hiroshi Uda
Osaka City University

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I had the clinical clerkship in Chonnam National University Hospital(CNUH) from Apr 13th to May 18th.
CNUH is the one of the biggest hospitals in Korea located in Gwangju, where is in the southwest part of Korea. It has about 1000 beds, 7 buildings and the campuses of the medical school, the dental school and the nursing school. And, it has another hospital; Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital(CNUHH), which is a 20-minute-driving from CNUH, has about 700 beds and specializes in cancer and joint. CNUH&CNUHH cover the very large area, so I could experience so many kinds of cases.
I rounded nephrology and neurology in 2 weeks and neurosurgery in last 3 weeks.
In the department of nephrology, I participated in a morning conference, observed US examination, CV catheterization, dialysis and experiments in the laboratory. All doctors took care of us very well and explained enthusiastically. I joined the experiment in the laboratory twice and sutured the wound of rat’s abdomen.
In the department of neurology, doctors gave me lectures with checking clinical records or rounding. After it finished, I observed EMG, EEG, Epley maneuver, examination of gaze nystagmus and so on. I could experience some severe cases of infection which I had never seen in OCUH because the public health doesn’t improve well in the area covered by CNUH
The department of neurosurgery is divided into 5 parts; Vascular, Brain tumor, Spine, Trauma, Gamma knife. Vascular, spinal and trauma surgery are performed in CNUH and brain tumor and gamma knife surgery are performed in CNUHH. I was interested in brain tumor surgery, so I stayed in CNUHH almost during my schedule at neurosurgery. At CNUHH, morning conference starts at 7:30 every day. After it, I followed professors rounding and participated in the operation. I’m lucky Prof. Shin Jung is No.1 of the skull base surgeons in Korea. I was excited about his excellent technique at every operation! He explained the procedures and anatomy of important area to me with showing the screen. After the operation, he answered my questions in detail.
That I can never forget is the hospitality. Doctors were also greatly kind to me outside of the hospital. They took me to the lunch, the dinner, their home party, the baseball game, the school festival… I was so impressed by their hospitality.
My best achievement in this clerkship is to get good friends in Korea! It was the amazing experience that I talked our future with Korean students over bottles of makkori. I’m looking forward to see them at a symposium someday. So I should do my best to make progress.
I can study medicine, have cultural exchange, get many abroad friends and make the vision of my future through this program. So I wish many junior students will take part in this program and also have wonderful experiences.
Thank you.


 こんにちは。僕はexchange programを利用し4/13~5/18の5週間、Chonnam National University HospitalでBSL実習を行いました。
 Chonnam National University Hospitalは韓国の南西部に位置する光州にある大学病院で約1000床の大規模な病院です。同じ敷地内に医学部、歯学部、看護学部のキャンパスを有します。またChonnam National University Hwasun Hospitalというcancerとjointに特化した病院が車で20分ほど離れたところにあり、こちらは約700床の病院です。
 Chonnam National University Hospitalの医療圏内は広く、その中でも1番の病院なので本当に様々な症例が経験できます。
 神経内科ではカルテを見たりラウンドしたりしながら各症例について先生からレクチャーがあり、それが終われば脳波を見たり、眼振を調べたり、針筋電図を見たり色々な検査を見学しました。Chonnam National University Hospitalの医療圏内は公衆衛生が悪く重篤な感染症が多く見られたので良い経験でした。
 神経外科は脊椎、血管、外傷の分野はChonnam National University Hospitalに、腫瘍、ガンマナイフの分野はHwasunにあります。僕は腫瘍の手術に興味があったので大半のスケジュールをHwasunで過ごしました。Hwasunでは毎日7:30からのカンファレンス、ラウンドに参加、その後オペを見学し終われば帰るという日々でした。Prof. Shin Jungは頭蓋底腫瘍の分野では韓国で1番の先生で、その鮮やかなメス捌きに毎日驚いていました。手術中に顕微鏡の画面を示しながら丁寧に説明して下さり、手術が済んだ後は僕達の質問に一つ一つ答えて下さりました。