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Report:Airlangga University(アイルランガ大学)

Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University

Dwiki Novendrianto
Airlangga University
Elective period

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My name is Dwiki Novendrianto, a fourth-year medical student from Airlangga University in Surabaya, Indonesia. I'm in seventh semester now in International Class. Based on our curriculum, we have a module called Elective Program that obligate us to take some courses or programs outside of our university as International student. The students need to choose about laboratory based or clinical based. I'm interested in clinical one, especially in Obstetrics and Gynecology departments. The first step to do this program actually is we have to choose the country where we will go. I chose Japan that famous in sophisticated technology and as source of research. Then, I got information that Osaka City University (OCU) was available for my study. OCU accepted me in departments that I interested in, Obstetrics and Gynecology. I spent 2 weeks in each department with total one month (December 2nd until December 27th, 2013).

First 2 weeks, I was in Gynecology department. As my first time, I was a little bit worried maybe I called as adaptation. I expected that I only did an observational there, but it was not. We had explanation from doctors about the program in these 2 weeks. There's lecture, operation and conference. I ever joined the operations (Hysterectomy, salphingoophorectomy, Conization and Laparoscopy). Although I did not do a lot in the operation, it became the best experience of my life. I observed clearly and even touched tumor or even normal organ in a live person. I ever touched the organ only in cadaver when I was in Anatomy module. Because I'm too interested with the operation, I ever joined up to 4 operations in a day. In the operation, the doctors tried to explain clearly about the procedures, conditions, operation and so on. We knew that we had a trouble in communication at first time, but time after time, I easily understood what the doctors explained. At the last, again I did not expect that a doctor asked me to join International Conference Asian Society of Gynecology Oncology in Kyoto. There's a lot explanation about Gynecology Oncology cases over the world. That was a great chance for me to attend the International Conference.

In the next 2 weeks, I spent in Obstetric department. The program was the same like in the previous one. There're practical sessions about delivering baby and laparoscopic surgery. I tried hard to practice with this laparoscopic equipment. In this department, one best experience was I joined caesarian section of twin baby. In operation room the doctors even gave me chance to take out the placenta. I had a great time there.

Overall, the doctors, the nurses, the staff and the students accepted me kindly. I learned a lot from there, not only the study but also the culture there. Sometimes we shared about our country.

I have to thank Professor Sumi and Professor Koyama for letting me to observe in their departments. Dr. Teramae, dr. Fukuda, dr. Ichimura, dr. Yasui, dr. Yamada, dr. Konihi, dr. Terada, dr. Masaru, dr. Nakano as my supervisors; and all the doctors that I couldn't mention one by one. I feel honored to learn in these departments.

Thank you also for Professor Ishimura, Professor Ohata and all the doctors and staff in Osaka City University for allowing me to stay and study at your university and hospital with such a great kindness. I really hope we can meet again in another time.