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Report:Thomas Jefferson University(トーマスジェファーソン大学)

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Study Report 2014

Makoto Moriguchi
Osaka City University
Elective period
First of all, I would like to appreciate all staffs give me very good opportunity to observe medical treatments in foreign hospitals.

The days which I spent practicing in Thomas Jefferson University Hospital were very precious for me, and this experience made me broaden my horizon. At this program, I observed Internal medicine, Emergency room, Outpatient Family medicine and Outpatient Pediatrics, and also I underwent a good experience at JeffHOPE. All departures and JeffHOPE were good for me. Especially, the experience at JeffHOPE was the most wonderful. What is JeffHOPE? It is some kind of groups which offer volunteer medical service. At JeffHOPE, we go to some shelters where the homeless in the U.S. live and we can ask some patients detailed questions about their symptoms and take physical examinations. At there, medical students can work with some doctors. So, I could take part in JeffHOPE, and I asked a patient a lot of questions about his pain and his anxiety. I also took physical examinations. It was very difficult for me because English which was spoken by students and patients in the U.S. was very fast. In addition, I did not have enough knowledge about technical terms and how to express my ideas about medical treatments. It was, however, definitely a precious event, and encouraged me to study medicine and English harder.

Next I would like to show you the difference between Japan and the U.S. which I was surprised at. In the U.S. doctors examine patients with other medical staffs. The team consists of attending physicians, fellows, residents, nurses, medical students and so on. Unlike Japan, doctors spend a lot of time examining their patients with a lot of staffs. It was very good point, I think, and in Japan we should examine patients like the U.S..

The time I spent in the U.S. was very short, but I could experience a lot of things which I cannot go through in Japan. Therefore if you have the opportunity to practice in TJU hospital, absolutely, you should go there. Do not hesitate to try it.

Thank you.