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Report of Oversea Clerkship Program in Osaka City University

Report of Oversea Clerkship Program in Osaka City University

Reza Ul Karim
26th July 2016 to 19th August 2016
Elective period

Little intro

Hello, before I talk about my experiences in Japan, let me clear few things out. Prior to my summer training in Osaka City University (OCU), I got done with my professional exams on the theoretical knowledge (similar to USMLE step 1) in Gulf Medical University (GMU). This means that I have very little experience in the clinical aspects of medicine, so most of the things especially the surgery and laboratory examinations were new to me. I have learnt new things and I also got to experience and implement my theoretical knowledge during my time in OCU.

I wasn't really worried about the communication factor because I knew (and low key hoped) that the doctors would communicate in English. And I was right, in every department there were some doctors who were fluent in English and were very keen on teaching and guiding me through my time in that department. And the doctors who knew little English would help me anyway, either by using a translator app or by drawing diagrams and showing the steps of the procedure, they were really passionate about teaching, which made me have more respect for them. This also motivated me to learn Japanese so that it'd be easier for both of us to communicate… well, that's what I thought, and so far I could manage to learn very few words. At least I tried :/

All right, so I was in Japan for 4 weeks but I was posted in OCU for 3 weeks. Different departments every week: Nephrology (1st week), Gastroenterology (2nd week), and Surgery (3rd week). Honestly, I enjoyed every bit of my time in all the departments. I have met very kind doctors, nurses, and patients. The relation between the doctors and patients is simply amazing, the doctors give their complete attention to every patient and the patient give their full co-operation.

About my experiences in each department

The nephrology department is also joined with endocrinology and diabetes. So in ward rounds I got to visit patients from all these departments. There were some patients with diseases that were also commonly seen in GMU, like diabetes, hypertension, renal failure, etc. But I have also seen cases that weren't commonly seen in GMU (not that I know of), for example, purpura nephritis, membranous nephropathy, lupus nephropathy, membranous nephropathy, kleinfleter syndrome, hyperparathyroidism, cushing's disease, pheochromocytoma, parathyroid tumor, acromegaly, and gout. Among the procedures, I have seen renal biopsy, external jugular vein canulation, neck and abdominal ultrasound. I went to the pathology department with Dr. Sonnei to look at the renal biopsies under fluorescence microscope. He showed me different specimens of different patients and explained their key features. One week in that department wasn't enough; there were so many things to be seen.

In Gastroenterology, I have mostly observed the different kinds of examinations and procedures. I have seen endoscopy, endoscopic sonography, endoscopic submucosal dissection, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, intraductal ultrasonography, endoscopic injection sclerosis, endoscopic variceal ligation, colonoscopy, and polypectomy.

In Surgery department I have seen many operations and at times the doctors let you assist them in the operation. I got to hold the intestines in an open abdominal surgery while the surgeons were viewing the intestines for polyps; it was the case of Peutz-Jeghers syndrome. Here are some of the stuff that I have seen in surgery: Thyroidectomy (Parathyroid glands were preserved), total gasterectomy, inguinal lymph node biopsy, axillary lymph node biopsy, large bowel resection (open surgery), large bowel resection (laparoscopy), resection of right adrenal gland (laparoscopy), and total mastectomy of right breast (simple mastectomy).

Overall experience

So overall, it was a whole different experience than UAE. This was my first time doing a summer training program and abroad on top of that. I really liked the environment of the hospital, hostel, and whole of Osaka. In my last week and during the weekends I got to go outside Osaka city with my roommates to places like Kobe, Nara, and Kyoto. And when we weren't in the mood for sightseeing, we'd just go to the Family mart downstairs, grab some snacks and watch a movie. I really loved the food in here, even though I had limited choice of food due to religious reasons; I still enjoyed them (Specially the Okonomiyaki with squid and vegetables)! I have really enjoyed my time in hospital and outside of it too. Alhamdulillah. I hope to be back soon.

P.S. If you are really tired during your postings in the hospital, go to the Lawson store in B1 floor of hospital, and get the Chocolate cookie and maybe a coffee, the cookie just melts in your mouth (One of the things I doubt I will forget).