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Report of Thomas Jefferson University

A12MA076 Hajime Mizutani
Thomas Jefferson University
8th August to 12th August 2016
Elective period

Study Report at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia

 First of all, please let me say thank you for all the people who support me to go to America and give me a great experience. This clerkship changed my view and I can look ahead to the career in the future. I learned a lot, and I'd like to provide an introduction to the special effort called 'JeffHOPE'.
 In the 1st day in Philadelphia, I was really shocked and surprised at the level of students and residents there. They were smart, intelligent and full of passion to help patients. I understand the reason through this activity.
 The medical care system in America is really expensive and people in the US can't afford without insurance. But some of the people don't have enough money and can't buy insurance. Also, there are kind of people like illegal immigration or not being able to speak English at all. They are called 'the undocumented', and they have to give up taking medical treatment. JeffHOPE was established to help those 'undocumented' people.
 JeffHOPE is an organization that aims to improve access to health care for the homeless and underserved population as is called undocumented. Students see the patients, think for themselves, ask the question to the senior associates and solve the problems. This is a proactive approach, and it is not hard to anticipate that they learn so many things from this activity. We have universal health insurance coverage in Japan thankfully, and everyone can take good medical care. But due to this system, it creates difficult conditions to leave the matter to students. I think the insurance and health care system in Japan is totally excellent, but in terms of education, we need systems that allow students to have self-motivating learning.
 As I've discussed above, I obtained a new point of view that I never thought up before in Japan. I firmly believe that this experience will change my attitude to the future learning at clinical training. I understand that independent effort changes the future. 5days practice in Thomas Jefferson was really short, but I could learn so many things. I advise my junior colleague to go abroad and study there once a least. I'm certain that the experience will be your pearl in your life.
 Thank you.