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Report of Thomas Jefferson University

Maho Okada
Thomas Jefferson University
8th August to 12th August 2016
Elective period

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Study Report 2016

 First of all, I would like to appreciate all staffs give me fantastic opportunity to observe medical treatments in the U.S.
 I had a precious time in Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and this experience made me broaden my horizon. At this program, I observed Internal medicine, Emergency department, Outpatient Family medicine, Outpatient Pediatrics, Chinatown clinic and JeffHOPE. All experience was great for me. Especially, the experience at Chinatown clinic was the most wonderful. It is the clinic where Dr. Lau offers volunteer medical service for poor or/and "undocumented" people, while JeffHOPE is for homeless people. At this clinic, we were able to examine typical cases of some diseases, so I learned a lot and felt how respectful this clinic was through his activity. It is because "undocumented"- illegal immigrants- sick people cannot go to the hospital, fearing for being arrested, so this clinic is the light of hope for them. I was so impressed on this clinic and will never forget the Dr.Lau's words "God gave us the special chance to supply medicine, so we have both right and duty of taking care of such weak people and it is common wherever we were." When I heard his word, I really understood the words "See the patients, not diseases"-"Remember the patients, not diseases" in the U.S.
 Next I would like to tell you the difference between Japan and the U.S. which I was surprised at most. In the U.S. doctors examine patients with other medical staffs. The team consists of attending physicians, fellows, residents, nurses, medical students, pharmacists, technicians and so on. This system encourages all staffs including medical students to be responsible for their patients. It is very good point, I think, and in Japan we should examine patients like the U.S.
 The time I spent in the U.S. was so short, but I could learn and consider from this experience which I cannot do in Japan. It also strongly influenced my future plan as a doctor. Therefore if you have the opportunity to practice in TJU hospital, you should go there absolutely. Do not hesitate to try it.
Thank you.