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HOME > 国際交流 > 留学体験記 > Report of Oversea Clerkship Program in Osaka City University

Exchange Student Elective Report

Meunier Maxime
Free University of Brussels
11October 2016 to 21 October 2016
Elective period

My two weeks in Pediatrics department at Osaka City University Hospital was so wonderful I didn't see the time passed. Because I studied Japanese and could expose my medical knowledges to others Japanese student and even doctors, it was the most exciting and enjoyable stage of all my (short) life I spent in a hospital. I'm really eager to go back in there to practice medicine and Japanese again with so wonderful and kind people.

At my first arrival I was really surprised to see a so huge hospital in Osaka. I was really anxious and didn't know what will be happen during my first day, maybe like all foreign students who start a stage in a country where they can't (or a little) speak the language.

To visit a foreign hospital is always interesting by the fact that the prevalence of diseases is really different. The possibility to encounter rare diseases in Europe is frequent in others countries and OCUH brought me a useful formation about them. All the stage was really well organized.

I start my stage in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where I saw a large panel of severe diseases like extremely low birth weight, distress syndrome, meconium aspiration syndrome etc… It was the first time I was confronted with all these pathologies and I learned a lot with the morning checks and reanimation formation. A case was given to us to understand his pathology and explain it in English in front of all the unit team what I find really interesting and useful for me and the Japanese students.

I also visited the pediatric neurology department and learned several interesting pathologies like West Syndrome, epilepsy, cranial deformity. We presented an interesting case of West syndrome and it was enjoyable to exchange our point of view about the caring of this pathology. The variety of pathologies helped me to make a good revision.

I spent my last week in the metabolic pediatric department and once again enjoyed my formation. I discovered pathologies I never saw in Europe and I wanted to perform my knowledges, understanding and learning them. I also analyzed some practical acts like blood intakes with red light (even if we also do this in my country, it was the first time I saw it) and provocation test for food allergies. I also saw an RMI in real, what I never did before.

During all my stage, we participated in several "mini-lecture" who all were interactive and interesting by the practical aspect or the knowledges learned. I appreciated all of them.
By example, we studied intussusception and pyloric stenosis with Tokuhara Sensei who gave us a good description of the imagery aspect of each of them. Seto Sensei perfectly described the difference between epilepsy and seizure what will be really helpful for me.

I was confronted to an earthquake during a mini lecture. But the impressive Japanese building architecture is reassuring, even if that was my first encounter with this kind of phenomenon.

Osaka city is a really calm, attractive and wonderful place where to spend time. I find all sorts of things to buy or taste. My new friends didn't lose time to bring me in exciting places. I totally spent a wonderful time in this city.
Moreover, I could find historical and beautiful cities around Osaka like Nara and Kyoto. It was like a child dream for me to discover such wonderful places and I hope keep my memories intact for ever.

I would like to thank all the people who helped me during my medical and Japanese formation. I wish I could come back soon and continue to perform my medical knowledges in your Hospital.
Despite of the wonderful formation Osaka City University Hospital student receive, I would like to offer them a chance to also discover and perform their knowledges in Belgium. That's why I will do all what I can to help you to give them this chance.

Thank you for all what you did for me.