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トーマスジェファーソン大学(Thomas Jefferson University)Report

Thomas Jefferson University Study Report

Erina Asato
Osaka City University
21st August to 25th August 2017
Elective period
The one week spent at the Thomas Jefferson University was undoubtedly wonderful. The program was full of schedules. It contains some lectures, Internal medicine, emergency department, pediatrics and family medicines. All of that were beneficial and helpful. In those programs, we could see not only how the medical students in the US behaved but also that of residents. What the level they were in and how enthusiastic they were. It became precious experience for me. I would like to express what is the most impressive thing throughout this program.

That is JeffHOPE. This is a medical student-run free clinic of Thomas Jefferson University. In every 5 weekdays, around 6pm-9pm, they run clinic. Director doctors, residents and many students participate to it as volunteers. In JeffHOPE, patients who don’t have medical insurance and can’t pay for medical care can see a doctor and take medicine for free. I thought deeply that these clinic were of course good for poor patients but moreover be good for medical students. When I observed there, 2nd year of medical students did history taking and took some physical examinations with 3rd or 4th year of medical students and discussed about considerable diseases and then consult the resident. Compared with our clinical clerkship, we also have done similar things at our hospital but they did more comprehensively and completely, not fragmentary, than that we do. I think that JeffHOPE could not be better for medical students. They have many opportunities like this to come into contact with the patients from as e arly as 2nd year. These opportunities will lead them to get more enthusiastic. They are going to try to study more and more. Not only for 2nd year students. I believe that education improves themselves, so 3rd and 4th year students also can learn something by following up. And they can get advice from the residents. Nothing could be more valuable and perfect place of education.

Thank to this program, I could see the situation which there is not in Japan and realize the difference. The medicine in our country is also great but there are some points that we should learn and adopt to in the medicine in the US. To tell the truth, for us medical students, I think that studying abroad is not common. Especially in terms of the programs which the university arranges and also within medical department. Not everyone can try with ease. Under such situation, this program is the chance not to be missed. Even though I can’t say I could understand all of that they talked or medical terms, it was precious experience for me. I will make the best use of that from now on.
And last but not least, I would like to thank all the doctors and staffs took care of us. Thank you.