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トーマスジェファーソン大学(Thomas Jefferson University)Report

Thomas Jefferson University Study Report

Ryuta Yagi
Osaka City University
21st August to 25th August 2017
Elective period
Through out this study abroad, I had had one of the precious experiences of my life. I had learned many things, of course medical knowledge and skills, but also about doctors and students at medical school in the United States. Furthermore I have seen the one of the reason why foreign students are said to have more willingness to learn. But before anything, I would like to appreciate to all the doctors, medical and non-medical staffs at both Osaka City University and Thomas Jefferson University who have organized this program and took well care of us through out the program. Without them, I would have never experienced these wonderful things.
In this program, I observed Internal medicine, Emergency department, Outpatient family medicine, Outpatient pediatrics, and JeffHOPE. JeffHOPE is a program organized mainly by the medical students, which the students visit shelters for homeless and examines the patients without any cost. This was the one of the thing I was amazed and was envied about. It arrows the student to examine the patient, make diagnosis, even give medications, and if needed sending them to the Emergency department. This gives the students a lot of clinical experience, which definitely will give them confidence when becoming a real doctor. JeffHOPE made me realize the importance of taking part in the actual clinical scenes. Because you have the responsibility of taking care of the patient, you will prepare well by studying hard. Because you have actually seen the patient, the knowledge will more likely to be memorized. This is surely a good cycle of learning, and I thought this is one of the things that makes the medical students in the United States clever filled with confidence.
Becoming a doctor in the United States is not as easy as you think. This was the impression I had by talking with the doctors and the medical students. They go through a lot, even during their undergraduate years, and medial college as well. Not only the scores from the exams but also participating in various social activities is required. And I thought that made them so energetic and filled with ambition. They definitely spend more time at the library or at the ward compared to students in Japan.
I have always wondered why foreign students seem to have more ambition, but maybe it is because only the students with willingness to learn can enter and graduate medical school, and maybe it is because they are in an environment with chances participating in various interesting activities. Through this program I was also stimulated. It made me think that there is more to just going to classes, but to study more on your own what you have learned and attend to activities to use that knowledge you have gained. This program has definitely broadened my horizon, made me think a lot about my future career as a doctor. If there are any chances of those reading my report participating in program at Thomas Jefferson University, or perhaps anything else, I would strongly recommend doing so. That experience will never be worthless. Thank you for reading my report this far.