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トーマスジェファーソン大学(Thomas Jefferson University)Report

Thomas Jefferson University Study Report

Takuto Yasuda
Osaka City University
21st August to 25th August 2017
Elective period
First of all, I'd like to appreciate all the people give me such a great experience to observe medicine in the US. I had a great time in Thomas Jefferson University hospital and it stimulated me so much. I observed internal medicine, Emergency department, outpatient pediatric, outpatient family medicine, and JeffHOPE at this hospital. All of them were so great for me.

When I observed internal medicine, I felt the importance of medical teams. The team consists of many medical staffs like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, social workers, medical students and so on. All of them had a great roles and they did their best of doing what just they can do. And surprisingly, medical students also have great responsibility for their patients. They had an interview for patients, do presentations to doctors and consider how to cure, kind of medicine again and again with doctors. I wonder whether I also can do it like them or not. This moved me.

I learned a lot in the program "JeffHOPE". This organization is established for undocumented people. They mean people who cannot get medical insurance or illegal immigrants. Medical students consider problems, diagnosis, treatments, and everything. There 1st, 2nd year students did interviews and took medical history and 3rd, 4th year students and resident doctors advices them. This is also so amazing. I know we cannot do it like this in Japan because of the difference of medical insurance system. However, I think it is important for us to keep considering everything for patients like them.

Through this program, I realized difference of medical systems between Japan and the US. Of course, both of them have both good points and bad points. So I think it is important to improve good points and try to change bad points imitating other country's system. I'll take advantage of this great experience in the future.
Thank you.