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トーマスジェファーソン大学(Thomas Jefferson University)Report

Thomas Jefferson University Study Report

Osaka City University
19th August to 23rd August 2019
Elective period
First of all, I would like to appreciate everyone who are concerned with this program. Many staff and doctors in U.S. and Japan spared much time for us. Without their corporation, I couldn't have such a precious experience.

Before joining this program I knew there were many differences between American medicine and Japanese one, but I didn't know what were the differences. 
This program enabled me to see it with my own eyes.
The program contains some lectures, internal medicine, emergency department, pediatrics and family medicine. They were very helpful for me to see how the medicine is practiced in US and how American students study medicine.
When I joined team round of internal medicine, I saw doctors, nurses and medical students spend so much time discussing how the patient was going before they enter the patient's room. I was surprised at that students and nurses, as well as doctors, were deeply involved in the discussion. It is necessary for students to study hard in order to discuss equally with doctors. I realized that American students are more highly motivated and study harder than Japanese. This was a nice stimulation for me.

One day we took a lecture by Dr. Lau who opens Chinatown clinic every Wednesday. I had a chance to go to observe Chinatown clinic. Dr. Lau and medical students worked there and they gave free medical care to people who stayed and worked in the United States without a visa or who had no insurance. Junior students were responsible for patient guidance, and senior students interviewed patients, explained test results, and even decided on prescription drugs. The senior student looked to me like a doctor. I heard it is very popular among students to become a staff there, and many students apply. Dr. Lau said he chose the staff from the applicants by enthusiasm rather than by grade. So all the staff were very kind. Dr. Lau and the students listened to the patient carefully and explained in detail until the patient was able to resolve their anxiety. The patient seemed to really trust Dr.Lau and the students. In addition, because there are many patients who do not speak English, interpreters of foreign language such as Chinese and Indonesian at the clinic interprets when patients who cannot speak English come. I was surprised at their kind correspondence. I was impressed to see they each patient sincerely regardless of whether it was free or not.
This experience made me really motivated and brushed up my mind. I'm glad to have such a chance like this. I would like to recommend that the juniors take part in this study abroad.

Thank you.