Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine Department of Hepatology

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For Outpatients

For Outpatients

All consultations and revisits for this department are by appointment. Patients with an appointment are given priority so outpatients coming directly without an appointment may have longer waiting times. Also please bear in mind that consultation may not be possible depending on the appointment situation. For more detailed information please consult the homepage link:

Outpatient Consultation: Doctor’s Timetable

Hepatology: Consultation Timetable by days.

※Consultations for emergency patients and some referral patients can done at any time.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1診 Enomoto Masaru Tamori Akihiro Kawada Norifumi Enomoto Masaru Tamori Akihiro
2診 Motoyama Hiroyuki Uchida Sawako Uchida Sawako Fujii Hideki Hagihara Atsushi
3診 Kozuka Ritsuzo Hagihara Atsushi Kawamura Etsushi Kozuka Ritsuzo Motoyama Hiroyuki
4診 Kotani Kohei Odagiri Naoshi Kotani Kohei Odagiri Naoshi

※For first visits with a referral, examinations are carried out daily.
If the referral is for a particular doctor, please write their name on the form.
Reception Times for First Visits: 9:00-10:30

※Referrals which do not have the Department of Hepatology (Gastroenterology) listed may be directed to the General Medicine reception.