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Greetings from the Dean

The basic principles of Osaka City University Faculty of Medicine are“Wisdom, Valor, and Benevolence”. The Analects of Confucius regard these principles as the three primary virtues, and they are referred to in an anecdote that reads “Those with wisdom are not confused, those with benevolence do not worry, and those with valor do not fear”. When one knows what is right and has a benevolent heart to think from someone else’s perspective, one is able to stick to one’s belief with valor without being confuse or fearful.
We promote the education of medicine with these three virtues as our basic principles to contribute to medicine, healthcare, the university and society.

  1. Medicine is diversifying and is ever expanding. Once cannot learn fully by sitting in lectures and students are required to acquire the skills to proactively study and think for themselves.
    As teaching staff, we hone such abilities in our students, and by improving the system for evaluating such abilities, we nurture active human resources that can create frontier medicine and solve various issues, and human resources that can unlock the future.
  2. Medicine has a broad base which extends to bioscience, health science, healthcare, welfare, nursing care, sports, health industry, healthcare policies, etc.
    So that the faculty of medicine’s knowledge can be transmitted to society, we actively promote medicine-engineering and industry-government-academia cooperation,  actively engage in integrating individuals, organizations and government bodies involved with medicine and healthcare, to contribute to the progress of healthcare in Osaka, Japan and the world.
  3. In preparation for the international certification, educational reform is being promoted in faculties of medicine in Japan.
    Beyond this reform, we will lead medical education as an academia by creating a future–oriented and global educational system.
    Performance of surgery in Japan is world-class, and it is our faculty of medicine’s role to verify the Japanese-style of medical education, which plays its role in producing such results, and to propose an educational system from Japan to the world.
    Such activities will lead to a genuine international exchange.
    International exchange does not pertain to being an imitation of Europe and the US.
  4. In 2016, the Faculty of Medicine accepted 58 foreign students, sent out 35 students, and was partner to 29 universities. We are introducing the double degree system for improving international exchange among our graduate students, and will further promote international exchange between top class medical students in Japan.
  5. We will engage in medical education, research and clinical medicine under a system that efficiently produces results, by discerning the needs of society, including preemptive medicine,
    Cancer treatment, dementia treatment, infectious disease treatment and regenerative medicine.
At the Abeno Campus, we hope to proceed forward with the faculty and students uniting as one, and as a source of pride with continues to provide sympathetic and high levels of healthcare that is rooted in Osaka, and with a dream of nurturing human resources that would play active roles in the world.