Application for 7th World Congress

General Information concerning bids to host the World Congress in 2020

The Executive Committee is already aware that 2 bids are being prepared to host the World Congress in 2020. Those wishing to submit a bid will be required to make a short 7 minute PowerPoint presentation to support their bid. The following details will be required :

1. Past experience of organising major congresses
2. Why the World Congress should come to your country
3. Details of the organising committee
4. Proposed World and Congress Presidents
5. Proposed venue, its capacity and infra-structure
6. Proximity of hotel accommodation to suit all registrants' budgets.
7. Outline Scientific Programme
8. Outline Social Programme for Registrants and Wives
9. Preliminary Budget

Intentions to make a bid should be received by Professors Gleeson (professor[D]michael[D]gleeson[A]gmail[D]com (Please change [A] to @ and [D] to . )) , Misra (basantkmisra[A]gmail[D]com (Please change [A] to @ and [D] to . )) and Ohata (kohata[A]med[D]osaka-cu[D]ac[D]jp (Please change [A] to @ and [D] to . )) by 29th May 2016.

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