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An interesting time arose in the year 1979 when a group of surgeons under the chairmanship of Pierre Rabischong formed a society named the Skull Base Study Group. Thereafter, the House Ear Institute and the Ear Research Foundation of Florida co-sponsored the 1st Neurological Surgery of the Ear and Skull Base Conference in Los Angeles 3 years later. The organization was quick to garner the attention and interest of surgeons worldwide and in 1988 Ugo Fisch arranged a meet on Neurological Surgery of the Ear and Skull Base in Zurich. It was during this meeting that the International Skull Base Society was founded. A decision for greater collaboration across surgeons in various parts of the world led to the birth of the Skull Base Surgery journal. Ugo Fisch was elected President and Derald Brackmann as its President Elect. One year later in 1989, the North American Skull Base Society was founded and since then meetings have been held every year.

In 1992, Madjid Samii held the 1st International Skull Base Conference in Hannover under the leadership of the International Skull Base Society and Skull Study Group. A decision to unite these two organizations led to the formation of World Federation. Madjid Samii was elected as its President with Ivo Janecka as its Secretary.

1992 saw the birth of the European Skull Base Society (ESBS) formed by a small group of clinicians from various specialities - Antonio Mazzoni, Mario Sanna, Michael Gleeson, Anthony Strong and Timothy Cox. They aimed at fostering a close relationship with smaller European countries that were not sufficiently large to own a Skull Base Society. Through this set-up, the ESBS aimed to provide a systematic transmission of information in the fields of research, teaching, diagnosis and therapies for skull base diseases. Since its inception, it continues to hold a Congress every two years in different European countries.

In 1996, the 2nd International Skull Base Conference was held in San Diego in association with the North American Skull Base Society. Through the efforts exerted at this meet, it was decided that more emphasis should be laid in the development of continental societies while the International Skull Base Society serve as the parent link for expertise, governance and educational opportunities. The International Skull Base Society has successfully held congresses organized by its subsequent Presidents : Amanado Basso – Foz do Iguacu ,Brazil 2000; Paul Fagan – Sydney, Australia 2004; Laligam Sekhar – Vancouver, Canada 2008 and by Michael Gleeson - United Kingdom 2012.

This august organization - the World Federation of Skull Base Society remains focused in serving as a huge platform to provide continuous sharing of information across surgeons from different institutions of the world.

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