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Ayako Kuroda
Osaka City University
Elective period

Photo album
Before I start my report, I would like to express my gratitude to people who coordinated this program, supported our enthusiasm of going abroad to study, and looked after me whole the period.
This 4 weeks were precious and unforgettable, and everything was worthwhile. I’m not sure I could write here how impressive this 4weeks were for me in my clumsy English. However I can say that I had great experience in NTU and I will never forget this precious memories.

My clerkship Schedule

2013/05/27-31: Obstetrics
2013/06/03-07: Gynecology
2013/06/10-21: Neurology


My supervisor in obstetrics was Dr. Shih. He always worried about me and really took care of me, so I really appreciate him. He is a famous doctor especially in the fetal ultrasonography and placenta accreta. He taught me about his specialities and other basic knowledge in obstetrics. On the 1st day of my clerkship, he went around the ward and explained about preeclampsia. On the 3rd day, a big surgery, hysterectomy of placenta accreta, was performed. A tense atmosphere could be felt in OR. The surgery was difficult but ended smoothly. It was great experience to observe this surgery.

During 1st week, students in NTU were still in their clerkship, so I had a lecture about obstetric anesthesia and joined cesarian sections with them. They were so gentle that they took me to lunch, translated Mandarin into English for me, and worried about my schedule. I appreciate their kindness.

I also observed some OPD (Out-patient Department). In Obstetrics Dr. Shih showed us perinatal examinations including fetal ultrasonography. Prof. Lin, who once researched work in Tokyo University, showed me OPD of urogynecology and taught me a lot sometimes in his fluent Japanese. We experienced some cases of NSD (Normal Spontaneous Delivery) and learned the skills required for the deliveries by using simulator.


In gynecology department, I observed a lot of surgery. I observed some cases of LAVH for uterine myoma, continuous vaginal bleeding and CIS of cervix, oophrocystectomy for chocolate cyst, and surgery for urinary stress incontinence. And I observed OPD of gynecology endocrinology and oncology. I also observed some special clinic such like hysteroscopy and colposcopy.

In the third week, when I was already in neurology, I asked Dr. Shih to show me the infertility department. Then he coordinated schedule and asked doctors there to teach me. I observed some procedures in infertility department, for example IVF-ET (in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer), ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) and GIFT (zygote intra fallopian transfer).


I joined morning conference everyday. It stats at 8 a.m. This morning lecture is really educational. The subjects include various fields. For example, on the 2nd day for me, the theme was movement disorder. The presenter was a resident and the supervisor was a professor. They showed video from the web and asked questions to audience (interns and residents). After the discussion, they explained why the answer was right or wrong using other videos, gesture and scholarly papers. In the other day, one resident showed history taking and neurological examinations to an inpatient in the ward in morning conference. After the patient went out the room and the resident said his assessment, there were deep discussions among doctors and a very clinical feedback toward the resident. It looked hard for residents, but they can cultivate practical clinical ability. I joined rounds some times, and observed OPD. NTUH has stroke ICU, so I sometimes visited ICU. There were a lot of complicated cases.

In neurology, I always followed some interns. They really took care of me. Some interns translated Mandarin into English for me in conference and rounds. Other ones brought copies of textbooks to teach me how we should approach to the patients’ problems. I couldn’t find any sufficient words to express my appreciation toward them.

Through my Clerkship

This four weeks were the happiest period for me. Time in Taiwan flied pass. All environment around me was new and it excited me. The most important and pleasant thing for me was that I made a lot of new friends. Most of them are interns in NTUH, and the other are doctors, PGYs, comedicals and students from National University of Singapore. I am happy to have nice friends like them.

Students in NTU are really kind and clever. Their attitude toward patients was so gentle and sincere. I was very impressed. They always tried to understand not only patients’ medical problem but also their feelings. They often had a lot of deep discussions about etiology and treatments of their patients. They really inspired me.

Doctors in NTUH were eager to teaching students. They taught me kindly and answered all my questions, even if they were busy. And the most impressive things for me was their attitude toward students. They never pretended to be important, and sincerely listened to students’ opinions and took interests in their students’ personalities. The relationship between students and doctors were like family. Even to me, they always tried to remember my name and asked me if I had any problems or what I wanted to observe.

During this 4 weeks, my mindset drastically changed. I came to think I would like to become a good doctor like the interns I always followed and a great teacher like the doctors I met in NTUH.
Also I’d like to become more gentle and thoughtful like them. This experience made my enthusiasm of studying medicine and making good relationship with people stronger.
I am grateful to everyone concerned with my clerkship for sharing a great time with me to and my university for giving me a great opportunity.