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The report of exchange program in Taiwan

Junko Sawauchi
Osaka City University

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I went to National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) by exchange program from 27th May to 21st June, 2013. I write down the report about my internship in Taiwan.
I was in obstetrics and genecology (OBGY) department for 4weeks. In that department, there are three sections, obstetrics, gynecology, and infertility.
In 1st week, I was in obstetrics and followed Dr.Shih, one nice professor. He is professional to fetal ultrasound scan and placenta acreta. Many 6th grade students were also staying in OBGY department as clerkship in my 1st week. We saw many delivery and cesarean sections together and they translated the doctor’s Chinese into English for me all the time.

On Wednesday Dr. Shih had a large placenta acreta operation. The most dangerous problem of that operation is bleeding too much, so on Tuesday he did ultrasound scan to the patient and confirm the cutting point of uterus to avoid cutting big arteries. We had some lectures also.

On Thursday we had a lecture of suturte. The doctor explained not only how to sutue but also which surgical needle is better and the differences of needles. I didn’t know about the details so that lecture was interesting for me.

In 2nd week, I was in gynecology and saw many operations for uterus myoma, adenomyosis, ovarian cysts and so on. Many of them were hysteroscopic surgery. In operations I was surprised because surgical gown and drape is not disposable. I also studied in outpatient clinics. The doctors looked so busy but they listened to patients enthusiastically.

In 3rd week, I was in infertility section. NTUH emphasized it, so I could study very much. The technicians showed me the preparation of the follicle after TVOR, the selection of sperm for IVF and ICSI, ICSI itself, and how to freeze follicles, sperms and embryoes. They also teach me to procedure of infertility treatment. I’ve never seen such treatments so they are very exciting.

4th week was up to me. I’m interested in operations so DR.Shih allowed me to join some operations. I joined two cesarean sections. On my final day in NTUH, I could experience assisting delivery! I had the lecture how to assist in delivery before and I could do it in practice. The new life birth moved me. I’m so happy to have such nice experience and do feel the happiness as a doctor.

Thanks to gentle doctors, nurses and students, I could learn so many things not only about medical knowledge but also about the attitude toward patients and hospitality as one person. I’ll make much more efforts to become honorable doctor in return for them. This period is treasure for me.

Thank you very much for giving me this precious chance.