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Report:Thomas Jefferson(トーマスジェファーソン大学)

My experience at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Yuki Hisaki
Osaka City University
Elective period
There are some turning points, which are very significant events in our life and change our way of thinking or acting. The experience in this international exchange program became absolutely one of my turning points.

In this program, I saw several medical departments such as Internal Medicine Inpatient rounds and Emergency Medicine, and each department were very exciting and meaningful for me, so I would like to write about what was particularly impressive for me.

When I walked around the hospitals, I was very surprised that there were a lot of buildings there and doctors and nurses were walking on the street wearing white coats and scrubs.

The first thing I was surprised in Internal Medicine inpatients is that the most of the rooms are single. In Japan, most of the rooms share with 4 to 6 patients and there are few single room. And during rounds, doctors and medical students didn’t follow professor but act with some teams. Medical students were all very diligent and they seemed no hesitation in taking part in medical treatment and actively gave patient presentations in front of residents and senior doctors. They seemed to come to school around 6 am!

In Emergency Medicine, there were so many consultation rooms, and all doctors seemed to be very busy in examining patients and making charts. A resident ate breakfast around noon! I was also surprised that there were very few patients who were taken in the ambulance, and most of them came to the hospitals on foot.

In Outpatient Family Medicine, The doctor I was shadowing was very kind and taught me a lot of things about medicine. All patients seemed to trust him and there are good relationships between them. I wish to be a doctor like him.

After the first day of the program was over, I took part in JeffHOPE. It is the medical association and run by medical students. They examine and give medical treatment for those who cannot financially afford to go to hospital without compensation. I went to the Eliza Shirley Shelter, which is one of the largest shelters for women and children. Each students earnestly examined patients and senior students taught juniors how to use a stethoscope and about medicine.

Finally, before the program started, I had been looking forward to take this program, but at the same time, I had felt nervous because this was my first time to study abroad. However, everyone was so kind and so nice to me, so I enjoyed this program very much. And I really appreciate Dr.Ishimura, Dr.Sato, Dr.Gonnella, Dr.Majden, Ms.Radi, and all the people I met in this program and gave me such a great experience. Thank you.