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Report of Oversea Clerkship Program in Osaka City University

Clinical Training report

Wang Wei
Taipei Medical University
2015/11/02-2015/11/13 Plastic surgery
2015/11/16-2015/11/27 Urology
Elective period

Photo album
 This was my second time to come to Japan, but the first time to come into Japanese hospital. In Japan, most of medical records are in Japanese. So, it was a challenge for me to know about it. Luckily, doctors and medical students in Osaka City University kindly translated all the things into English or body language for me. Everyone was very willing to teach me.

Plastic surgery

 In Plastic surgery department, I went to operation room every day. I saw a lot of surgery, such as breast reconstruction by transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous flap, nipple reconstruction, ptosis correction, excision of extra toe and mesh skin graft for burn wound. I just had saw few of these operation in Taiwan. These surgery made me impressed very much. Professor Motomura taught me how to wash my hands before surgery. It was a little bit different from Taiwan. The brush was smoother and the method was easier to learn.
 I also joined the operation conference on Thursday afternoon. Every doctors presented patient's condition and coming operations very detailed in English. I could know about it very easily.


 In Urology department, I also joined many operations, such as laparoscopic partial nephrectomy, TUR-BT, robotic surgery of prostate cancer and renal transplantation. The most impressive one was the robotic surgery of prostate cancer. I saw the surgery in 3-demensional view. It was a special experience. I thought it was very good for the resident doctor and medical students to learn the robotic surgery. In my university hospital, we can only see this kind of operation by the 2-D TV monitor.
 Dr. Hamada was the resident doctor who leading me in Urology. He let me present the post-operation condition to the professor and showed me the prostate biopsy. He was very enthusiastic about his job. He was also a good English speaker. We could communicate and discuss about the surgery and the knowledge easily.
 I really had a good time in Osaka City University hospital. Everyone there was very kind. Although some of them are not good at English, they never gave up to talk to me by writing or body language. I will recommend our medical students to go to OCU hospital, I think it is the best choice for them.