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Report of Oversea Clerkship Program in Osaka City University

Clinical Training report

Yun-Huei Lin
I went to大阪くらしの今昔館, and I tried kimono.
This was a really special and happy experience!
Taipei Medical University
2015/11/02-2015/11/13 Plastic surgery
2015/11/16-2015/11/27 Urology
Elective period

Photo album
 This was the first time I went oversea as an international exchange student. I was a little bit nervous before I went to Japan, because I cannot speak Japanese, or even understand Japanese. But, at the end of the first day of my clerkship in Osaka City University, I felt nothing to be worried about, because everyone was so nice, including professors and Japanese students.

 I could communicate in English smoothly with professors, and learned clinical knowledge from them; although some Japanese students had to think for a long time how to explain the situation for me, I was very thankful they did so! I felt we both tried hard to communicate, and this made the experience much more precious, because we did our best to make friends with each other, and to learn from each other. I will never forget this experience as learning with Japanese students.
 Plastic surgery: I saw many operations during these two weeks, including breast reconstruction by transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous flap, nipple reconstruction, ptosis correction, excision of extra toe and mesh skin graft for burn wound. I was most impressed by nipple reconstruction surgery, because I think it is a smart operation. It was incredible that surgeons use ear cartilage to provide the similar sense of touch of human nipple. And, they use skin from inguinal area to mimic areola mammae because of the similar color. It was like a magic, to product something from nothing. I think this operation also provide female to be more confidence and to have a better life quality.

 Moreover, professor and doctors in Plastic surgery were very nice. Professor Motomura taught me how the operations will be done before every operations. He drew pictures and explained in English for me, so I could understand very easily. I really thankful for all the doctors in the Plastic surgery!

 Pediatrics: I chose pediatrics because I thought I can communicate with children even though I cannot speak Japanese. And, the doctors in pediatrics really communicate with children not only in languages, but also cute pictures! I was impressed by one very thoughtful thing: one pediatrics doctor asked me and the Japanese student to draw a アンパンマン on a patch. Because the kid was going to be injected, and he likes アンパンマン, the doctor hoped this cute picture would comfort him.

 I learned many diseases and also saw the patients in chart run these two weeks, including: West syndrome, Kikuchi disease, and Krabbe disease. These diseases were new knowledge for me, and they were very helpful knowledge! I hope I can stay for more days that I can learn more disease in pediatrics!

 In pediatrics outpatient clinics in Taiwan, we can usually see a sick baby and a worried parent, and sometime, an angry parent. This is a problem in medical care system in Taiwan nowadays. Sometimes, even doctors have done their best, patients become angry to medical staff if the situation do not follow the way as they want. For example, parents yield at doctors if they cannot on IV catheter for their children successfully by one try. But, as the children' s vessels are so small, we sometimes need more chances. There are more and more disputes in Taiwan, and make doctors in Taiwan fell tired about their jobs. In Japan, the big difference is that patients are all very polite, they can calm down and communicate with doctors very gently. This is the thing that I really hope can be happened in Taiwan.