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トーマスジェファーソン大学(Thomas Jefferson University)Report

Thomas Jefferson University Study Report

Kiyomi Tanaka
Osaka City University
20th August to 24th August 2018
Elective period
This studying abroad was so stimulating and unforgettable experience for me. I appreciate everyone who are concerned with this program. Though it’s really difficult for Japanese students to practice at American hospital, thanks for all staffs and doctors, I could have precious opportunity.
Throughout this clinical practice, I found many differences between Japanese and American medicine. I introduce here the two of them. First, American doctors spend much time and money to one patient. When I attended to the team rounds at internal medicine, doctors spend at least 30 minutes to examine one patient. Not only doctors but medical and pharmacy students took part in it, and they discuss how to care the patient in front of his room and check his condition directly. Also, there are only one or two patients in a hospital room. In case of Japanese hospital, there are at most six patients in one room. I think one of the reasons why American insurance are so high is in such medical systems. Second, all doctors in U.S. were frank and have very weakly class-consciousness. In Japan, we pay respect to people who are in senior position, and tend to have their opinions the highest priority. However, American doctors share the respective ideas fairly and discuss frankly. This is the major characteristic of American type of medicine, and I was so impressed to see it with my own eyes.
And the charity program called JeffHOPE was really great. I went to ACTS shelter, there were so many women and children who didn’t have their own houses. At there, medical students examine the patients, diagnose the disease and decide what kind of medicine they prescribe. After that, they consult to resident doctors whether their decision is correct. I think this is really great opportunity for students to brush up their clinical skills.
Actually, it was the first time for me to study abroad, and I became so nervous at first. However, doctors and students in U.S. were so kind that I could spend really educational and exciting week. Throughout this program, I could improve my English skills and have new connection with American students. Not only clinical practices but communicating with foreign students was good opportunity. It was interesting to know about various way of thinking. Furthermore, medical students in U.S. have great knowledges and clinical skills, so I could get great stimulation by them.
These experiences must bring good influence to Japanese students, I think. I hope many younger student will challenge this program, too.